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Who are we?

Expat Circle is an online platform that connects expats worldwide to aspiring expats who want to start a new life in another country.

  • Our Purpose Support aspiring expat's dreams by connecting them to the right advisor.
  • Our Mission Reduce aspiring expat's struggle and fear through the wisdom and experience of expats.
  • Our Vision Make every person's expat dream come true.

Check out this blog to learn why Expat Circle was created: Why I Created Expat Circle

How does it work?

Dreaming of moving abroad, but you don’t know where to start? We know it can be terrifying.That is why Expat Circle was created, to empower and connect aspiring expats, like you, with a like-minded global community. Start a conversation with expats already living abroad, get answers to your burning questions, and gain the peace of mind you need to embark on your new adventure, worry-free.

There’s already Facebook/Google, why should I use your platform?

Sometimes information from the internet can be overwhelming, and a large number of comparisons could therefore lead to information overload. In Expat Circle, We have amassed a list of expat advisors that are willing to share their experience and provide tips and advice to support you in your expat journey.

Expat Circle is different from other social networking sites because you can talk to an actual person who already lives overseas in real-time. No more waiting for the right person to answer your questions.

Are these advisors really in the country that I want to move into?

Our team makes sure to verify every advisor prior to posting their listing. To ensure that they are capable to help and give quality advice to aspiring expats.

Do I need to create an account? I just want to talk to advisors.

Just like the listing for advisors, creating a profile for your account let advisors get to know you a little better. In that way they can know if they can be a great fit for your needs.

Can I learn more about the advisors before I book a call?

We aim to find the perfect advisor for you, who is fit to answer any questions you have. That is why every expat advisor has their listing, You can check by clicking “Find Advisor” on the top right corner or by simply searching the topics or country that you would like to know more about on the search bar. You can also check in there listing the topics that they can talk about.

Is there a free trial? I just want to try it first.

Some advisor offers free trials. To start connecting with them go to the advisor listing page and select free trial and find the advisor that you resonate with and book your free trial.

Can't find any advisor?

No worries! Fill out the Advisor Request Form, and our team will connect you to advisors that match your needs.

I want to connect with Like-Minded Expats!

We are waiting to welcome you abroad, Sign-up as a customer now.

Do I get any freebies for signing up?

Yes. You can download Expat Circle Journey Timeline for free which you can use to help you jumpstart your journey abroad.


Feel free to contact us by clicking on the blue button on the bottom right of the screen. Or by sending us an email at For more information check out our FAQs.