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What is an Expat Advisor?

Advisors are expats themselves who already have experience moving abroad. As an advisor, you can share your journey with aspiring expats and help them understand what they need to prepare.

How does it work?

Expat Circle is an online platform where you can share your expat-related tips and advice with aspiring expats. We connect expats around the world to aspiring expats who would like to start a new life in another country. Our primary focus is to build a community of expats who can support those who want to make their expat dreams a reality.

What does an advisor job entail?

  • Connect with aspiring expat abroad and share tips and advice about expat life or depending on the customer's needs.
  • Promote your personal blog, channels, and other social media accounts for free.
  • Create a listing and promote your expat counseling business for free
  • Monetize the invaluable insights you share with aspiring expats.

Monetize? Do I get paid if I become an advisor?

Yes, there is a fee if you opt for payment for any session the customers would have with you. You can nominate the amount in your profile.

Do I have to have expertise/consultation business to become an advisor?

Not necessarily. We believe that every expat has their own personal experiences that others might relate to and that every piece of advice and tips from expats with first-hand experience is valuable to those who wish to follow in the same footsteps.

I’m interested but I’m afraid it will take too much of my time.

If you are looking for another way to earn an extra income or looking for a side job then Expat Circle is perfect for you. What is great about our website is you are in charge of your time. You can manage your availability and business hours in your profile.

Do I have to submit some requirements to become an advisor (eg. CV, Certificates, etc.)?

No. We only ask for some verifications to make sure the authenticity of a person. This way, customers can find the right advisor to get advice.

What is the importance of creating a listing?

Your listing helps customers get to know you better. This will serve as a reference for them to know if your knowledge fits their needs.

What can I share on my Expat Circle profile?

You can share content related to your expat life. They can either be graphics, videos, or even a link to your blog posts.

How can Expat Circle help me get a booking?

Expat Circle promotes expat advisors thru our social media accounts and by sending a newsletter to our customers regularly. Likewise, you can share the link to your profile on your website or social media accounts. Here are some tips that you can use to promote your role as an expat advisor.

I know someone who can be an advisor, can I invite them?

Yes! You can do that by clicking the Invite New members on top of the screen.

I want to be an Advisor

Make the Circle bigger, sign-up as an Advisor now.


Feel free to contact us by clicking on the blue button on the bottom right of the screen. Or by sending us an email at For more information check out our FAQs.