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Expat Advisor - Kia
Expat Advisor - Kia

Get professional expat advice, based on 7+ years of hands-on experience.

I am here for you. I provide the honest and all pro´s and con´s to expat life.

I want you to enjoy success in your life as an expat, to be aware of the pitfalls, and to be able to return home well prepared.

I educate HR employees and departments with the purpose of making better decisions when expatriating an employee and on how to best protect and grow this investment.

I am an Expat Advisor, as I myself, would have benefitted from eye level and experienced personal insights before and during our expatriation.

On a personal note, I´ve been an entrepreneur throughout our expatriating life. My background is in sales and marketing and I hold an MBA from Dubai. I am very enthusiastic about running and doing sports. Latest I have won Nice (France) half marathon.

I am Danish, 46, married and have 2 children. We´ve lived in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, France and now in Singapore.

Expect sincere, professional, empathic and 100% confidential expat advice.

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